VMUG Presentation – HCI Concepts

I was given the honor of presenting at the October 19th NYC VMUG meeting (that’s VMware User Group for my non-virtualization friends). The topic that I was asked to speak about was Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) Concepts. I am by no means an expert on the topic but given my numerous years dealing with infrastructure, I know enough to get by. I wanted to share my presentation with you all. The presentation is at a high level just going over the key points for those new to the space. I tried to keep it at a level that my non-technical wife can understand what I’m talking about.

Side Note: I run all this stuff by her. If I can keep her attention, I should be able to keep yours. 🙂

Here are the key points that I touched upon:
– A little history lesson on how VMware changed the supply chain when it comes to deploying servers and applications to customers (or users).
– An overview on the journey from Converged to Hyper-Converged.
– A run down of the different infrastructure approaches (Traditional, Reference Architectures, Converged, Hyper-Converged).
– Different players in the market today.
– Use cases.
– Where HCI fits in and some of the drawbacks.
I must say, I was humbled by the response that I received from everyone at the meeting. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and I helped clear up a few points of confusion for some of the attendees. They were actually able to get something out of this and hopefully you will too.