My New Role

Although it is bittersweet, today is my last day at Viacom. I am very lucky to have been afforded the opportunity to come here and work with some amazing talent as well as some cutting edge technology. The culture at Viacom as a whole has been phenomenal. I will look back on my time here fondly.

Coming to the decision to move on was not an easy one. There were only a few places that I even considered making a move to. They were all technology companies and I was fortunate enough that I was able to pick between a few of them. My decision was obviously based on this short list of companies but how that list came to be is the important part. I wanted to go to a company where I believed in the product. Since I was looking at pre-sales roles, I felt that it was necessary that I could speak about the product with passion and first hand experience. As a customer, I could always tell the difference when someone was trying to hit a quota as opposed to when they believed in the product or service that they were selling.

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be joining the team at Zerto as a Systems Engineer covering NYC and Long Island. I’ve spent the past 3+ years as both a customer and a partner of Zerto and I know firsthand the dramatic improvement it can bring to any environment. Zerto has enabled me to perform DR tests in a matter of minutes whereas the previous products and technologies I’ve used took days. I’ve also seen it used successfully for datacenter migrations and ransomware recoveries. Given the recent announcements of bi-directional replication with Microsoft Azure, I only expect that my experiences will get better and be shared by more and more of you. I’m looking to share my experience with you as well. I plan on blogging about the technology and new features in the coming weeks so stay tuned.