Spooky Solutions is my sandbox. This is where I take all of those thoughts that are rattling around in my head and I get them out to share with everyone out there. I’m sure that you’re really interested in what I have to say, otherwise why would you be here?

Who am I you ask? I’m Nick Scuola. I’m an IT Professional with nearly 20 years experience in various fields ranging from Windows OSes to Messaging to Networking to Storage and to last but definitely not least Virtualization. That’s where I make my money, mostly around VMware. My job experience ranges from in-house admin to field engineer and also to hands-on technical manager.

This site is going to break down the complexities of IT into layman’s terms (the best that I can). It will also share helpful insights and tips on emerging technologies and common issues encountered during installations and migrations. I’ll also share with you some of the products that have helped me in my career as well as those that have helped my users and customers do their jobs easier and more efficiently.

For those of you, that are looking to obtain some certifications. I have those too. I’m currently an aspiring VCDX. I’ve taken all kinds of exams throughout my days to include but not limited to VMware, Amazon (AWS), Microsoft, Cisco, & A+. I’ll share my experiences around certifications as well.

Thanks for checking out my site and I hope you find something useful on it. I’m always open to suggestions so feel free to leave comments where you can. Thanks!


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